Writing a Medical Case Study Properly

A Good Structure for Your Medical Case Study

Making sure that your medical case study is perfect is not easy. Let us see the format that you should follow when asked to write a top medical case study;

The Title Page

As the name suggests, your title page ultimately has to include the full title of your case study and ask about essay on sterotypes. It is also essential to understand that your title page has to adhere to the rules of the JCCA. For instance, when it comes to case study writing, it is never allowed to have more than two authors credited for creating one document. The paper’s title also has to include the phrase case study, case series, or case report.

An Abstract

When crafting an abstract for your medical case study, it is essential to realize that you can do this in one of two ways. The first form that your case study’s abstract can take is the narrative form. Here, as the author, you only need to create a summary of the document and ensure that it is free-flowing and easily understood.

The second form that medical school case studies’ abstracts take is known as the structured form. Here, you not only create a free-flowing case study summary, but you also have to ensure to utilize subheadings when doing so. Using subheadings ensures that a lot more information is included in the paper has made the structured form the preferred abstract writing method when it comes to scientifically oriented case studies. This is the main reason why the JCCA requires authors to create a structured abstract for their medical case studies.

The Introduction

In this section of the abstract, the author needs to present that information that shows the reader what is particularly interesting in the case study. The main reason for doing this is to pick their interests and browse the full case study.

Case Presentation

Here, you need to present that complaint that led you to realize the main issue under study. The best way to do this is by using the patient’s own words. This makes the case credible and hence attractive to the reader.

Management of the Problem and Outcome

In this section of the case study, you get to show the plan of care that was to be employed and the actual care that the patient got. The most important thing to remember in this stage is that you need to be accurate on the kind of care given and how many times the patient got the said care.

The Discussion

As the author of a medical case study, under the discussion section, you are given a chance to discuss any issue that came up while researching for your paper. Remember, you are never required to provide a complete analysis of everything you observed.


You get to mention any people that assisted you with the creation of the medical case study.


You need to give a list of those sources whose data you have used as supportive evidence in your case study. This is one of the essential requirements of the JCCA.

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